Sunday, 22 June 2008

AVP:R Response and thoughts about Screamers

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a) I suppose I just have to continue on and redesign my whole experience of AVP:R movie because I'm obviously tuned into the Alien saga on some other level that continues to work on an obsessive creative level, and it's difficult for me to perceive their movie sincerely as anything but a pile of rubbish. I don't think much of their idea of introducing the audience to dinosaur sized aliens that are twice the size of alien queens on the alien home world in AVP:3. I don't like the idea of such an alien home world either in the context that people are often fantasising about anyway, there ought to be another dimension to the whole thing to make it intellectually interesting. Those who like the movie are probably not looking for much in a movie. Sticking to the premise of the predator ship crash landing in an isolated town area, I suppose there are things that one can do, and I think that paying homage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre could have been interesting too because the movie had some interesting ideas, but I've been transformed into a typical person who's had **** shoveled down his throat in the movie theatre and still wants to complain about it. It's probably like the rage that people have against Uwe Boll because of the way he's made terrible bargain bin type movies out of good computer games. I find it revolting to see the Brothers Strause's faces on the DVD as they're being interviewed, maybe they should stick to brainless slasher movies.

b )I watched the scifi movie Screamers on DVD the other day, I avoided it  for all these years because I couldn't imagine how such a low budget  film could be inspiring, and not all of Dan O'Bannon's scripts are  interesting to me and well I found that more entertaining than AVP:R,  and I liked the fact that there was a scene with an insect in it that  was disguised as a rock since that seemed almost to be a reference to  O'Bannon's earlier unfilmed script, "They Bite".