Saturday, 21 December 2013

Alien inspired by Vidocq

In 2002, I watched the movie Vidocq made in 2001 by Pitof who was one of the star people in production department of Alien Resurrection. I noticed the scene where the human victims of the alchemist are found hanging inverted having their blood drained into a central pool, it reminded me of Sylvain Despretz' concept art of inverted cocooned people in the queen's layer having their blood drained into a central pool to feed the newborn.

The featureless mirror mask of the Alchemist became my new alien, perhaps something such as the alien King that people always talked about or the Primogenitor that they also talked about. I imagined that the mask became a gelatinous covering which could shape shift and a maw would open up through which the alien's inner mouth and skull would be at times visible. I thought that the original Alien's face could not be beaten so it was time to withdraw from anything further interesting and new.

It looked though in Prometheus concept designs, they were asking the same sorts of questions looking at the same sort of concept and my thoughts about an alien inspired by the alchemist and an alien layer inspired by his seemed even more important

See: Vidocq at the Alien Explorations site

chamber of Cocooned victims, their blood dripping down to collect in a pool down below December 2013

And from the pool of blood the alien creature springs
December 2013
Alien creature slightly inspired by the Deacon from Prometheus.
December 2013

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Space Jockeys with Sommelier knife/ Waiters Friend bodies 2

see also:
Space Jockey's with Sommelier knife/ Waiters Friend bodies

The concept of the space ship in its hand roughly reflects the idea of the 
ancient Egyptian reliefs showing pharoahs offering small Henu Barqs to 
the gods,  and the Henu barq is the inspiration behind the design of the 
Space Jockey in its chair.  

(The first sketch is the lead up to to the last in this page)

Space Jockey 18th December 2013

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Drawing aliens after Gravity

Initial sketch revealing giant alien astronaut in ancient derelict rocket capsule
sketch exploring space jockey in giant derelict space capsule

as above with black background

Study  space jockey remains imbedded in the interior of space capsule

Drawing tentacled aliens after Spiderman 2

My initial Dock Ock alien used it's tentacles to  facehugthe victim to implant its seed into the person.2004

Doc Ock Alien January 2010

Spiderman 2 Doc Ock Alien 2013

Reveries of tentacled aliens after Spiderman 2

a) When I watched Spiderman 2 in 2004, I was very impressed by the scenes showing the tentacles of Doc Ock when he suddenly comes back to consciousness in room where they're trying to remove them. These things looked horrific to me and then i thought about the tube on the back of the alien and if they had been extended, then what. The original character was first introduced into the Spiderman comic books back in 1963 still with four tentacles.

Doc Ock verses Spiderman in Spiderman 2

the cover of The Amazing Spiderman first
featuring Dr Octopus back in 1963

b) On the cover of the Aliens edition of Mad Magazine back in 1986, they already played with this idea slightly and I knew about this before hand.

c) Another influence to consider can be the alien invader's biomechanoid suits from Independence Day. (see Independence day at the Alien Explorations blog)
toy version of alien suit

d) Another curiosity is the Coeurl from "Black Destroyer" first published in Astounding Science Fiction 1939 , written by AE Van Vogt, and later the story was incorporated into his novel Voyage of the Space Beagle. That creature was an alien creature created by a long lost civilisation and discovered on a distant planet across the galaxy, and stemming from this large feline creature's back were four long tentacles growing with which is can manipulate technology etcetera, and this story AE Van Vogt was so sure that Shusett and O'Bannon borrowed from that he took them to court over the matter.  But the four tentacles coming from it's back are interesting in view of the four pipes coming from the back of the Alien.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Drawing aliens After Ender's Game and Gravity

leading from

After I had seen the movie Gravity I wanted to draw aliens floating in outer space from space ship to space ship and then after I saw Ender's Game, when Ender's dragon army are fighting their Zero G battle game in the Battle Room and they connect together to form protection around a central member who would get to the exit on the other side of the room. I decided to draw the aliens forming bundles in the space as if they were becoming biomechanic landscapes and they would be floating through space to fight the humans who have come to explore the ship full of people that are in cryogenic hibernation that have been infected and the aliens want to get onto the soldier's ships

Zero G alien battle

Zero-G Biomechanic landscape