Wednesday, 29 January 2014

bird alien

Ridley Scott : lethal eggs, inside of which are these er... small creatures that will actually fundamentally integrate in a very aggressive way into any society or any place it dropped. So if you land on a human being, you have a... a resemblance to a human being. If it dropped on an ostrich, it would look like an ostrich (Alien Quadrilogy and blu-ray commentary)

Further Space Jockey concept explorations

I was thinking about designing the very tall figure with the hat from the relief on the Sokar Funerary Procession mural Temple of Rameses III at Medinet Habu (See: rough concept for Rough concept for biomechanisation of The Sokar Funerary Bark relief) as if it were a biomechanoid space jockey with a non human face and found that the face started to almost resemble the face of the Mayan Space Jockey relief on the Mayan starmap tablet from Prometheus, including the pipe entering the mouth, and perhaps in the unused Egyptian space jockey tablet the pipe was entering the mouth (although that one might have been more usable if they just had a beard with biomechanoid ribbing on the figure.)  I found that the helmet that would have started off being the crown worn by Rameses III grew longer and longer until it began to resemble a caterpillar cocoon of some sort and then it seems that this resembles the headgear worn by one of the females in Giger's The Spell II that looks also as if it could be some sort of a relative of the trilobite.But this is just my exploration and it could have gone any way it chose and perhaps there are not too many directions. The breathing pipe here ends with a snake head

Head of unused Egyptian Space Jockey starmap tablet for
Prometheus and also the head of the Mayan Space Jockey from
Mayan Starmap tablet from Prometheus

Rameses III with crown
female from Giger's The Spell II

Sunday, 12 January 2014

rough concept for biomechanisation of The Sokar Funerary Bark relief

a) Rough concept for biomechanisation of The Sokar Funerary Barque relief at the Temple of Rameses III at Medinet Habu. Showing engineers carrying the Space Jockey chair with pilot in the manner of the Sokar Funerary Barque procession. This generally works as Prometheus fan art. However the third engineer from the left has been given head markings that associate him with Master Burg from Moebius' Aedena Cycle comic book stories.

b) The taller figure on the right has a pipe emanating from beneath his chin in the manner that Giger has had a breathing pipe on some of his space jockey type characters, such as in his picture Atom Kinder and indeed the Life Cycle Hieroglyphics, the Space Jockey type victim in the altered version of the painting has a breathing pipe emanating form below the chin. See: detail from Hieroglyphics
c) See also Evolution Of Space Jockey From Egyptian book of the Dead at the Alien Explorations blog

d) The original relief is below.

source of image

Monday, 6 January 2014

Moebius' Master Burg as an Engineer from Prometheus

preliminary sketch of Moebius' Master Burg as an Engineer from Prometheus
a) Preliminary study sketch or Moebius' character Master Burg manifesting as an engineer from the movie Prometheus while manifesting from his hand energy forming in the shape of two entwining serpentine thing , one with a head similar to a carnivorous flower from the movie The Wall as part of an exploration of the crossing streams of influences in the movie Prometheus.

b) CLICK HERE  to see details about Moebius and the character Master Burg in relation to the movie Prometheus see