Saturday, 28 June 2014


Stage 1 of an attempt to cross the Engineer character and his Space Jockey chair from the movie Prometheus with Moebius' comic book character Arzach because of the distant associations between the two that might be there to be felt because of Moebius' art's influence on Ridley Scott's creativity

(Done using WacomBamboo tablet with Photoshop)

Beak of bird decorated with patterns from the Pakal Votan tomblid.

Arzach and Prometheus

The intention behind the PROmethearZAC drawing, exploring the very distant associations that might be there to be felt.

See also: Promethearzac II

Monday, 2 June 2014

Alien In the Brain

Brain photo after painting adding details of a Giger's Alien type entity, version 1
Brain photo after painting adding details of a Giger's Alien type entit,y version 2

a) Stage one in Photoshop painting exploration using a Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet to see how it's possible that Giger's alien as seen in the movie Alien was developed from the cutaway image of a brain. There are no back pipes in this because there was no way that I could be inspired to perceive them in this brain image and so I imagine that they arrived from the Eye of Horus which has been compared to the same thalamus region of the brain. And Giger's interest in the Eye of Horus may well have led him into finding out about the part of the brain it has been compared to. The side piping on the Alien head has been simplified as well. 

b) In the second stage of the painting, I decided to make the shoulders conform more to the brain pattern rather than just an attempt to stick Giger's Alien into a brain

c) See also the article "Alien in the brain" at the Alien Explorations blog

Brain photo before being painted on