Monday, 21 September 2015

Further Thoughts for Alien V/H/S or Umhlanga Alien

leading from

a) Monday 21st September 2015,  furthuring my thoughts from watching Reveries while watching V/H/S/2  and Dreaming about Alien meets Ringu = Aliengu. I decided that Neil Blomkamp's Alien V movie should be called Alien V/H/S because of the videofeed story he talked about and the fact that Sigourney kept yapping about how Blomkamp wore his Alien VHS videotapes, and this all seemed like some sort of a Japanese ghost story. (See: Alien 5 Blomkamps Initiation)

b) Neil Blomkamp infected by the alien
I started mentally fusing this with Neil Blomkamp's story about being at his family's holiday apartment in Umhlanga, a residential, commercial and resort town north of Durban on the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, where he had found himself watching Alien from the videofeed on the television. And so the idea came of Neil Blomkamp as a child sits there being infected by the alien, and as soon as his parents pull him away, he starts screaming and out of his chest erupts a chestburster slithering into the depths of the apartment block where it grows and binds with other creatures of its kind.  Perhaps in this case, instead of a South African holiday spot,  it's a space station or colony on a planet somewhere in the depths of space.

c) Videocassette bugs
There would be the videocassette player machine in the basement, and these oversized cockroach like creatures with video cassettes in their bodies have been growing and evolving so that one of them would insert a videotape into the slot in the player and this videocassette would contain a signal that would play through the video feed in the block of apartments and anyone who is watching would find their television screen peeling open like the top of a four petaled alien egg and out a facehugger would burst out of the screen as perhaps an hallucination in the manner of the movie Videodrome, and it would plant its seed into the person sitting in front of the TV screen and this would be very much like the Koji Suzuki novel Spiral where Sadako's DNA in combination with the smallpox virus would combine and try to transmit their DNA into someone else in a transmission that gets recorded on videocassette played on the TV, and sometimes women become impregnated and give birth to a genetic copy of Sadako.

Where did the creatures come from, had they somehow infected the woman operating the videocassette player. They find that the creatures had come in through a hole in the floor, they find a chamber beneath full of large urn shaped vessels all with these large insect like creatures each with a videocassette their body, each must have evolved to create a biological videocassette to insert into a video cassette player, each with rows of sharp teeth inside their spools. 

d) Neil Blomkamp infected by the alien
There are other victims in the building by the same method. A creature that is a mass of these alien creatures is slithering around the building, through the vent shafts, it looked like an accumulation of tortured souls, all eyeless, all tied together in the form of a living breathing knot. The glass of the TV screens around the building are found to have been melted and ripped open in the alien egg opening four petaled formation.

I'm imagining clusters of humanoid monsters in the manner
of Beksinski to get away from the idea that it must be Giger's Alien
and that it could never be, and this serves as an abstract reference.

e) Dead body in the old haunted house
People come to inspect the building to find out what has caused this. They enter the building's basement, they find the woman who operated the videofeed, and she looks as if she is growing from the chair, or perhaps she looks as if she is growing from the wall, maybe she looks as if she is growing from the desk, or the TV set or even the videocassette player. In her hand, she seems to have a videocassette that she was about to push into the videocassette player, perhaps she looks as if she was growing from the videocassette as well or vice versa. Something had changed her DNA, perhaps wanting her to put the videocassette in and she was their failed experiment, or perhaps the videocassette she was about to put into the machine would have been something that would have stopped the other creatures from inserting one of their own. They would not have an answer without pouring endless amounts of dollars into a close investigation.

f) Chief inspector De Boos, Goosen or Grobbelbar investigates
The chief inspector with a thick moustache and a surname such as De Boos, Goosen or Grobbelbar looked at the chamber where they were found in relation to the rest of the building and noticed that it couldn't be there, and was belligerent towards anyone who claimed the chamber was there. He decided that the woman sitting at the video recorder must have been killed by wasps and turned into a wasp nest. That was good enough for the report. Dozens of people had either been found dead or had disappeared, some have been found melting into the furniture where they can't quite find out where the furniture begins and the human flesh and bone else and he decided that some serial killer was either ripping them open killing them, using a variety of bone cutting weapons or a mad animal or something that was a cross between the both, and the rest he can't explain, some form of odd experimentation. Everyone involved in the investigation is interrogated to see what they know and then they are told to shut up or else.

g) The inspector walks into a room wondering what to do and keep everything under his control when all of the sudden wallpaper starts to bulge and out of this wallpaper cyst erupts with the strange semi humanoid figure of an alien creature in a bed of flesh and snatches him, absorbing its body into its own alien mass. The ripped hole in the wall seemed to turn into a blood encrusted biological scar.

h) Through the holes in the walls are chamber that shouldn't be there, as if new spaces have been torn out of the fabric of time and space, and they find it carpeted with this unimaginable flesh that spanned off into unimaginable new dimensions, perhaps all simply compact spaces behind the walls reworked in a strangely alien way.

i) It seems as if these alien creatures around the building would soon die and begin to dissolve, burning holes in the walls, floors and ceilings, but with the interest in evolving to a new level. They want to transmit their life form to somewhere outside of the building complex, through television sets elsewhere and somewhere a new life form was waiting to do that, perhaps turning into a rip-off of the Japanese horror movie "One Missed Call" with perhaps people received ghostly phone calls and here the sound of the space jockey's transmission from Alien before they become cursed and some strange biomechanoids start to grow. Perhaps a small little creature with an audio cassette growing inside is found in someone's car and which still has a slot for an audio cassette and this thing plants it into the slot and it starts to play some dreadfully strange sound.

j) Source of the mystery
In V/H/S 2, there was a story about a suicide cult whose mass suicide and use of one woman's body leads to the birth of a devil of some kind that wasn't very good. But on the 23rd of September, 2015, the thought of it takes me back to Poltergeist 2 where there was a religious cult who are led to their own suicide by a demon inspired by a design from Giger, and in Alien, the remains of other lifeforms are devoured by the egg creating organism and the eggs grow, suggesting almost a kind of metamorphosis form the victim to the sport and perhaps I am imagining that these videocassette bugs in their urns or whatever are the transformed remains of a suicide cult that must have lived in the building some decades before hand, and somehow the remains of this strange entity are coming out of the foundations of the building, and because of the presence of an old videocassette machine have been evolving to be able to have one of the bugs out of thousands of others grow a videocassette to fit into the machine and transmit its signal in the videofeed through the building. Although by the twenty first century, the whole building is like to have satellite TV through the whole building. So many the remains of the old videofeed is somehow reactivated by an unknown presence. With that perhaps it is a biomechanoid ghost of video nasties erupts from the television set with chainsaws, drills and so on growing from its body to kill everything before suddenly evaporating.  I seem to remember though from the Come to Daddy video by Chris Cunningham a strange demon inside a television set suddenly comes through the screen as if being born. Perhaps a chapel is to be found beneath the apartments with lit stained glass window featuring various stages of the alien life cycle and various deaths caused by the creature, and is seen in the reflection of a swirling pool of water. The strange otherworldly intelligence that transformed this cult has been somewhere from the depths of time and space been opening up a small wormhole into this dimension carrying out genetic manipulation on the followers in various ways.

Alien Monster IV with drill bit tongue
k) Videonasty Aliens
Somehow there are videonasty inspired aliens on the rampage. However the idea of the video nasty aliens results a Texas Chainsaw Alien, a driller killer alien, a nail gun alien. The Texas Chainsaw Alien has a chainsaw tail , a chainsaw running along the length of the head, and perhaps this is a Predalien, but with a lower mandibles resembling the runners or blades of a sled, it might be known as "sledge face" for short, and he might have mandibles sticking out of the side in place of the dreadlock like tendrils. The driller killer alien would have a drill bit for a tongue perhaps much like Giger's Alien Monster V's tongue.  I thought about an alien with a human skull shuttling back and forth along a track within the cranium. These entities are guided by an all seeing eye that peers through a vortex and these entities can combine together to create an alternate strange biomechanoid form.  The nail gun alien might well fire a life form into its victim that's grows and slowly eats its victim. There would be a buzz saw mouthed alien inspired by the Helicoprion shark

l) Another Bishop android, Bishop III or IV or some number that I can't imagine
There is another Bishop the android or some similar android. As with the original Lance Henriksen's Bishop android. The character exists like a black man or child in South Africa, that if he made a mistake, anything could happen and he would be out, either replaced or destroyed. Just as Lance Henriksen imagined for his background  for Bishop back in the time of Aliens