Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Mayan Space Jockey creates his rocket

a) Mayan Space Jockey. The idea is merging the World Tree image from the Dresden Mayan Codex with the question of where would the Mayan Space Jockey's space ship come from that would be imagined from seeing the Pakal Votan tomb lid. 
b) So Ron Cobb did a chest burster scene in a painting for Alien, that seemed to be based on the Dresden Mayan Codex image where it looked as if the World tree was a tentacled monster erupting from the victim's body as a chestburster victim in a ritual. Since the Pakal Votan tomb lid is another one of these odd images with a world tree.
c) I thought that after he has drunk something from his little bottle, perhaps the space rocket erupts from the chest of the victim  the space jockey as some sort of a life form that takes its victim off into the depths of space or the sky as its pilot.

Drawing of the Pakal Votan Tomb Lid next to
the World Tree from the Dresden Mayan Codex
next to a detail from Ron Cobb's birth temple for Alien

d) See Dresden Mayan codex image in relation to Ron Cobb's alien birth temple mural and also the Pakal Votan tomb: The World Tree