Monday, 18 April 2016

Millennium Falconom II

Millennium Falconom II; Rather silly looking merger between the Millennium Falcon and Giger's Necronom II by way of the Tutenkhamun desert glass pectoral. Well the idea is that I came to discover that both the Star Wars spaceship and Giger's painting bore elements of shapes and forms  from the Tutenkhamun jewellry that was being exhibited in 1976 which was the year the Millennium Falcon was designed and Giger painted Necronom II. The merger probably doesn't particularly work other than as something that came out of a melting pot of ideas in space and I suppose other things have crawled in to it , perhaps chistmas tree baubles, to deviate it from its source ideas a bit. The cockpit of the craft appears to be the tip of a long phallic tongue.
(Photoshop painting with Wacom Cintiq tablet)
Star Wars' Millennium Falcon inspired by Tutenkhamun's treasures
and also
 Giger's Necronom II inspired by Egyptian winged scarab
Tutenkhamun's Desert Glass Pectoral, The Millennium Falcon and Giger's Necronom II