aims of the Alien, Predalien, Ad Infinitum blog

a) I keep drawing pictures of the monsters from the Alien movies and also the Predalien which is another monster that's come out as an offshoot from the Alien and Predator series when both series fused together at one point but I desired to design a better one and that went on forever and ever.
b) The movie Prometheus came out, (related to Alien), displaying an interest in Von Danikenism and William Blake's art. Its imagery started to also take a step in that direction too that seem unrelated to Alien and would confuse many people trying to make any form of association, and seems to eternally explore the concept of a Mayan rocket man or Space Jockey taking flight in his space craft. Perhaps the rocket man is in a sense myself, as if I am the one trying to escape from drawing the Alien all the time. Believe me, I've bored enough people with talk about this sort of thing.

c) I feel like a moron for having done these drawings and for putting them up. This repetitive form of madness continues for whatever reason that it does and it may as well. Maybe it is a syndrome that Oliver Sacks should have investigate and written a book about, but now he is deceased. I probably would not recommend drawing these at home. (someone mentioned that they misread Moron as Mormon for some reason and oddly enough Mormon had a son named Moroni)

d) By examining the roots of Giger's artwork, I may well be able to stop drawing these things or step more in a positive direction with it, and so also at The HR Giger's Art section of my blog Alien Explorations, I offer some of the images comparisons showing the origins of his creative language as well when I make significant discoveries. Since Giger often used occult, ancient Egyptian and ancient American motifs and transformed elements from other painters' works, I am hoping that I'm working something out and discovering something useful.

e) I feel like a moron for wanting to write some sort of fiction exploring the mythos of Alien and Prometheus and every time I watch a movie with themes that might touch on similar ground of Alien and the likes, I have ideas about about an Alien film script etc, and it is something that doesn't really sit well me with having them. And so the results of that goes into Film Scenario Explorations.

f) I do not sit around talking about Alien and Prometheus much with people because quite honestly it would most likely bore them and they usually wouldn't know how to talk about the subject with me since they are not looking at it in the same way that I am. There are all of these people having their appreciation for what they are seeing in the movies, and quite often I probably can't relate to what they are getting excited about, usually they are getting very excited about the movie Aliens and I have some difficulty with understanding why and perhaps I am still yet to get to grips with what there is to appreciate. It's probably quite a sad situation really being a fan of these movies. I have these aims to write an Alien film script sequel with the full understanding that it wouldn't interest anyone as much as it would most usually disinterest me to see anyone else's fan fiction etcetera. 

g) Another aim of this blog might be to share my general outlook on the world of the movies and maybe that might be a most difficult thing. I have put together the Alienexplorations Blog without putting my personal opinions in the way and perhaps in a way this has made that blog bloodless, but it has enabled me to lay out a lot of information.

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