Tuesday, 6 May 2008

AVP scenario thoughts

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a) Oh no, that's done it, I can't bare to think about it but it looks as  if I've started storyboarding the whole thing today, or made a bit of a  leap in that direction. It looks as though the Predators have a captured space jockey found in hibernation, imprisoned by what might be considered as ancient magic spells and have been worming arcane bioweapon technology secrets out of him for some millenias and he's been trying to find a way out break free from his prison (the space jockey lower body area though is going to confuse the hell out of everyone apart from those who've studied Giger's work in detail).  Today's predalien's head started to look like a biomechanic chinese lion. Don't know where else's it's going, probably the predaliens thought they were immune from facehuggers but their protection is obviously starting to fail that's why the body at the beginning of AVP:R went unchecked and predaliens are uncommon, maybe they have to stop themselves from suffering a catastrophe and maybe this is what the Space Jockey has been planning all along for thousands of years. And somewhere amongst the ancient space junk yard are the remains of a small rocket ship with what looks a bit like a Mayan king just to upset all the people who disapprove of Eric Von Daniken's fantasies, and that obviously this will probably provide some irritating AVP producer with a dumb idea for AVP4.

b) The question is whether I will I get as far as putting together a forever unmade AVP3 movie script that everyone will want to know about for prosperity? Until then I will surely never escape from it.

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