Sunday, 8 February 2015

Alien Scenario Thoughts

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a) This is a continuation regarding thinking about  an Alien type scenario as a long winded exercise. It usually comes through watching another movie and thinking that this could be turned into an Alien movie. I'm not much interest in creating fan fiction but indeed looking at the possibility of having ideas, how ideas form in the mind, and this in a strange obsessional way comes back to Alien.

b) After a long journey of thoughts, my creativity decided to go with the idea of having the main character take a flight in a ship and go to sleep and wake up later only to discover that the ship that he has been sleeping in has suddenly transformed into something else. The realisation comes that we're taking this story back to the idea of a concept that I had some years ago, a bunch of spaceships that have been melted together. There was the idea of Chris Foss spaceships melting into one psychedelic blob, and components from one ship turning up within the mechanisms of another ship from a completely different civilisation and when you finally think in the most alien of ships, an Earth ship's serial number turns up. This place becomes an aggravating part of the subconscious mixing room.

c) Unfortunately this also included the idea of the Predalien being brought back into the story as the main alien, complete with chainsaw tail which I have thought about for some years since my dislike of the film Alien Vs Predator. I wondered how this would be included and if this would somehow involve components of the scenario Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I thought about perhaps there was a forest underneath a dome in the depths of space and this creature running around blending in with the surroundings in the manner of a chameleon. Perhaps the need to put Aliens and Predators in another movie and have them merged together is always a failure.

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