Thursday, 28 November 2013

After "Zero Dark Thirty"

leading from

a) Having watched the movie, Zero Dark Thirty, I found the night viewing goggles worn by the Navy SEALs very inspiring enough for me to want to re-imagine the Aliens movie as if it were updated to deal with the trauma of the 9/11 event rather than Vietnam and maybe this is also inspired by the story about the hunt for Bin Laden leading up to the Navy SEALs raid on the compound using using Stealth helicopters. The film was directed by Kathryn Bigalow who was actually married to James Cameron, and her film Hurt Locker despite the fact it didn't contain aliens or alien hives or alien queens, it had been compared to Jim Cameron's Aliens.

b) Indeed some futuristic scenario would involve the dropships as seen in Aliens but designed to look a little like Stealth fighters. Ultimately the compound becomes a place infested with an alien presence in one form or another.  But the goggles worn by the Navy SEALS are the greater point of inspiration, making them seem to be partially biomechanoids themselves. 

c) Thinking about an initial idea for transforming the plot of this Zero Dark Thirty movie by way or Prometheus rather than Aliens. They are trying to locate the enemy who has unleashed a vicious terrorist campaign on the human race, and they get nowhere locating their enemy until they discover that they already found the information a long time ago and head there in their space craft. They encounter the compound and they discover the whereabouts or who they are after and kill it, they bring the body back to their base but they wont actually know if they have killed the being that they are after until they get back to base and have it formally identified, but no one actually knows who or what they are after.

d) The value of anything in this story is completely blurred but the soldiers are seen to do their job and make their kill while the rest of the people appear to be satisfied with the claims of what has been accomplished. Bringing something of the body back home as evidence might just be another one of the tactics of this strange civilisation.

e) I don't actually have any ideas about introducing the alien life form as we know it into this story, but I tend to think about the alien life form being present in the human DNA since the dawn of the human race waiting to be reactivated with the right technology and so the hosts become manipulated into becoming human bombs.

Stealth Helicopter hanging from a crane during the film shoot.
Someone could turn this into a dropship

f) So the associations that I am having are astronauts with night vision goggles hunting a Bin Laden-esque Engineer/Space Jockey, and perhaps he is able to shed off his outer skin very easily. A long ship with hundreds of people aboard in a state of hibernation have been infected in some unexplainable way, (as unexplained as how the alien egg turned up aboard the Sulaco in the beginning of Alien 3) and streams of alien come out to attack the astronauts soldiers.

Giger's Samurai. The corpse of the space Jockey that
would be my long dead villain
g) In my minds eye the aliens are forming columns extending from the ship as if they are ants forming bridges, This might be somehow a reflection 9/11 event with the thousands of people perishing and many jumping out through the window. I don't want to be bothered to think about it in light of World War Z in the way that the zombies formed towers in the manner of ants because I don't have much to say about that movie. When the aliens find something else to land on nearby, they form balls that are projected like missiles through space and then reach their target, ships to invade. It's a reason to find the source.

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