Monday, 3 August 2015

Updates 2015- 2017

17th February 2017
Updated Alien: Spectre again slightly, but it's more like adding a note, there ought to be a scene where it's like Bond being caught in the abandoned building that's going to blow up, and Blowfeld has had the place decorated as a sort of place of revelation about how he influenced all the events in Bond's life. I thought about how it could be like an alien hive, but the hero should find information everywhere that's all so personal but false, everything is alive although it might resemble artificial constructs that might all contain special information. After all, nearly everything designed for a film set is newly created for film set. Obviously I'm looking for more ideas to transform the James Bond: Spectre movie story.

13th January 2017
Have been updating Alien: Spectre having had more ideas after watching the DVD, expanding on the idea of getting towards a resemblance of a suggestion of a story.

4th November 2016
Alien heads skewered on a stake

31st October 2016
a) Alien Revenant sketches 
b) Notes for an Alien: Revenant Part 2 

27th September 2016
a) More aliens
b) Another Predalien

17th August 2016
a) Updated Alien after Frank

18th April 2016 

1st March 2016
a) Added Alien: Revenant  

25th January 2016
a) Added: Mysterious rocketeer and flying giant typhonic beast

29th December 2015
a) Added Another one of these alien drawings

11th December 2015 
a) Added Alien / Prometheus reveries after James Bond movie "Spectre"
17th November 2015 

15th November 2015

6th October 2015
a)  Updated Further Thoughts for Alien V/H/S or Umhlanga Alien with thoughts about aliens inspired by videonasties

24th September 2015
a) Re-edited and updated Further Thoughts for Alien V/H/S or Umhlanga Alien

21st September 2015
a) Added Further Thoughts for Alien V/H/S or Umhlanga Alien

29th August 2015
a) Made slight alterations to Promethearzac story part ii because of an idea about the passenger ship being ripped in two.
b) Added Reveries while watching V/H/S/2 

22nd August 2015
a) added Further Alien thoughts, set off by watching the Sinister II trailer but not related to it

13th August 2015
a) added mayan rocketeer painting image

3rd August 2015
a) I broke down the selection about ideas about the derelict into four pages: i) The derelict as a temple environment in space, ii) The Slaughterhouse derelict idea , iii) Time Tomb Concept and Effects from seeing Prometheus because it seemed all very meaningless to after five seconds of looking at it
b) I broke down the page "Reveries of Zero Dark Alien to Enders Game" into three pages: i) Ender's Alien, ii) Gravity - Gravitalien - Alien iii) After "Zero Dark Thirty"

25th July 2015
a) I created an index for the The Film Scenario Explorations and also the Concept exploration Doodles.

24th July 2015
a) After watching Ant-Man, I added Concerns over Alien 5 after Ant-Man 

5th July 2015
a) After watching The Grey on TV and having some thoughts, I added After The Grey 

27th June 2015
a) A note about ideas from reading reviews of "After Frank"
b) Added summaries for ideas about PROmethearZAC story part 1
c) Added summaries for ideas about PROmethearZAC story part II
d) Added Wishing to assemble an alien story
e) Added After "In search of lost giants "
f) Added After "Lincoln" (Lincolnalien or even Aliencoln.) 

19th June 2015
Reveries about a bike fused with raptor dinosaurs after Jurassic World

17th June 2015
Fisher Price Cot Activity Centre Space Jockey Platform

29th May 2015
a) Added Another one of these Predalien thingies

3rd March 2015
a) added Predalien sketch
b) added Exploration of an alien with a face behind a face behind a facec) added Alien 5: "Big Chappie"

28th February 2015 
a) Dreaming about Alien meets Ringu = Aliengu

20th February 2015
a) District 9 and Elysium transforming into a post Alien:Resurrection Alien sequel.

18th February 2015 
a) Exploration of Egyptian mummification lion couch with mummy turned into a monster
b) Slow progress of the transformation the Alien derelict ship into an Egyptian tomb frieze representation

9th February 2015 
a) Reveries of Alien after "As Above, Below" and "Pyramid"

8th February 2015
a) Alien Scenario Thoughts

19th January 2015
a) Exploring creatures and structures from the Alien film series in relation to Ancient Egyptian symbolism as a tomb mural

2nd January 2015
a) Added illustration Prometherzac iii that explored how the Space Jockey is related to the concept of Arzac

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