Saturday, 25 July 2015

Film scenario explorations

This is not really an attempt at trying to come up with Alien short stories, but really to see where my own interests, day dreams and obsessions about the Alien mythos set off by watching movies can suddenly take the form of ideas, perhaps growing out of ideas that I have read about or seen on TV, the cinema or magazines and books. They come from time to time.
  1. Alien: Revenant part 2
  2. Lincolnalien part 3: Further ruminations
  3. Alien: Revenant part 1
  4. Alien/ Prometheus reveries after James Bond movie "Spectre"
  5. PROmethearZAC story part III
  6. Further Thoughts for Alien V/H/S or Umhlanga Alien
  7. Reveries while watching V/H/S/2 
  8. Reveries inspired by Blomkamp's Alien 5 project but nothing to do with it.
  9. Further thoughts set off by watching the Sinister II trailer but not really related
  10. Concerns over Alien 5 after Ant-Man
  11. After "The Grey"
  12. PROmethearZAC story part II
  13. PROmethearZAC story part 1
  14. After "Frank"
  15. Wishing to assemble an Alien story
  16. After "In search of lost giants "
  17. After "Lincoln" (Lincolnalien or even Aliencoln.)
  18. The derelict as a temple environment in space
  19. The Slaughterhouse derelict idea
  20. Time Tomb Concept
  21. Effects from seeing Prometheus
  22. Dreaming about Alien meets Ringu = Aliengu
  23. District 9 and Elysium transforming into a post Al...
  24. After "As Above, Below" and "Pyramid"
  25. Alien Scenario Thoughts
  26. After Spiderman 2
  27. After "Zero Dark Thirty"
  28. Ender's Alien
  29. Gravity - Gravitalien - Alien
  30. Original Alien Poster 
  31. Revelation about a prediction regarding Prometheus... 
  32. AVP:R Response and thoughts about Screamers
  33. AVP scenario thoughts
  34. Alien scenario thoughts

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