Saturday, 25 July 2015

Concept / Exploration Doodles

  1. Space Jockey with single lower limb being airbrushed
  2. Inner Space Rocketeer Images
  3. Alien heads skewered on stake
  4. Alien: Revenant sketches
  5. More aliens
  6. Another Predalien
  7. Millennium Falconom II
  8. Mysterious rocketeer and flying giant typhonic beast
  9. Another one of these alien drawings
  10. Space Jockey with single lower limb
  11. The Mayan Space Jockey creates his rocket 
  12. Mayan Rocketeer sketches
  13. Mayan Rocketeer.
  14. Fisher Price Cot Activity Centre Space Jockey Platform
  15. Reveries about a bike fused with raptor dinosaurs after Jurassic Park
  16. Another one of these Predalien thingies that I keep drawing
  17. Predalien sketch
  18. Exploration of an alien with a face behind a face behind a face
  19. Alien 5: "Big Chappie"
  20. Exploration of Egyptian mummification lion couch with mummy turned into a monster
  21. Slow progress of the transformation the Alien derelict ship into an Egyptian tomb frieze representation
  22. Exploring creatures and structures from the Alien film series in relation to Ancient Egyptian symbolism as a tomb mural
  23. Promethearzac III
  24. Vague sketches of more aliens
  25. Space Jockey entity with sommelier knife body
  26. PROmethearZAC II
  27. And so the Predaliens go forth
  28. Humanoid Space Jockey materialising a hologram of an alien
  29. Usual Exploration of Alien forms
  30. PROmethearZAC
  31. Alien In the Brain
  32. bird alien
  33. Further Space Jockey concept explorations
  34. Rough concept for biomechanisation of The Sokar Funerary Baque
  35. Moebius' Master Burg as an Engineer from Prometheus
  36. Alien inspired by Vidocq
  37. Space Jockeys with Sommelier knife/ Waiters Friend bodies
  38. Drawing aliens after Gravity
  39. Drawing tentacled aliens after Spiderman 2
  40. Space jockey and chair carried around in the manne...
  41. Study for a Space Jockey as a tall humanoid
  42. Space Jockey's with Sommelier knife/ Waiters Frien...
  43. Predalien Predalien to the extreme II
  44. Predalien Predalien to the extreme
  45. original Alien Poster
  46. Alien Centipede 2
  47. Alien Centipede
  48. Alien meets Gravity: Gravitalien
  49. Fear and Loathing in LV 223
  50. Reveries of Giants with serpentine feet etc
  51. Space Jockey's with tentacular legs or, multi knee joints
  52. Deacon Blue(s)

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